IN-STOCK Catdoll 139cm Sasha/Sana/Ya (no jointed fingers)

Availability: In Stock


The factory is closed for a Chinese holiday, so customized doll orders will be delayed until early March. We have some limited US stock available for purchase. This doll is in stock in the US and ready to ship immediately. The ETA is 1-5 business days for shipping.

  • Your choice of head:
    • Sasha
    • Sana
    • Ya
    • Yuki
  • You can buy extra TPE heads for $200
  • Pink skin tone
  • Super makeup ($100 value)
  • No jointed fingers
  • Standing feet
  • You can choose any eye color and wigs

The Receiving and Inspection Service has been completed ($175 value).

Everything is included in the price. There are no additional charges.

Don’t like the head? You can get the doll with the included head now and get a discount on a second customized head. You can also get just the body now, and wait for a custom head to arrive later.

Contact us for more photos.