Receiving and Inspection Service

This service is for US customers only

Service Description

For a $150-175 fee, your doll will be shipped to our US location, inspected for order correctness and shipping damage, and then forwarded to you. If any significant issues are found your doll, or if something isn’t how you ordered it, we will contact you before shipping to find a solution.

You can enjoy the piece of mind knowing that your doll will be exactly what you ordered, free of issues. There will be no markings on the outside of the box that may indicate that it’s a doll. When packages are shipped from China directly to the US, it’s a legal requirement for the box to have a customs declaration of what’s inside. Dolls are described as “TPE mannequins” for shipping. With the inspection service, any problematic labels or declarations attached to the box will be removed. The return address on the package will be a discreet business address with no connection to dolls or adult goods.

Regardless of whether you purchase the service, you are protected against catastrophic order issues. If your doll is never delivered for any reason, we will replace it for free. If you receive the wrong doll, and you haven’t used it, we will replace it for free.

UPS Store Pickup

When you purchase the Receiving and Inspection service, you will have the ability to ship to a UPS Store for pickup. Your name will only be on the second line of the label. The UPS Store clerk will glance at your ID only to check that you are the intended recipient. The receiving and inspection service will add 1-5 business days to delivery, depending on the distance from the warehouse. The service is also useful to time the delivery to a more narrow window, as shipping times from China can be quite variable.

UPS Store or UPS Customer Center?

There are 2 UPS location types you can pick up your doll from.

The UPS Store is a franchise chain run by independent business owners. They’re free to set their own pricing. Commonly, they charge $15-30 to pick up an oversized doll box shipped to them. When the package is delivered for pickup, the store clerk is listed as the receiving person in the UPS tracking system. They will usually call the phone number on the label to let you know it has arrived and is ready for pickup. The store will glance at your ID only to check that you are the intended recipient but won’t record it.

+ Many convenient locations
+ Good information privacy
– $15-30 pickup fee

UPS Customer Center is the name of UPS’ hubs. This is where packages are loaded on trucks for delivery to your local area. If a package is unable to be delivered it comes back here for you to pick it up. There is no fee to pick up a package shipped directly here. When you pick up a package, they will check your ID and record your name as the receiving person in the UPS tracking system. There is typically only one location in each area.

+ Free pickup
– Less information privacy
– Few locations

Photo Authorization

When your doll comes through our US location, we may ask permission to take photos of your doll for promotional purposes. If you don’t give us permission, we won’t take photos of your doll. The photos will not add any delays to delivery. The photos will be used for promotional purposes, and a product listing with photos of your doll may be added to the site to show off how cute and high quality our dolls are. As a bonus, we will include the outfit used as a gift, and possibly a couple extras (*the outfit may be secondhand in very good to new condition).

If you’d like high quality prints of the photos, they can be provided. We can print any size photos up to 24 inches on the shortest side. That means you can get a giant 24″x36″ print of your doll. Or maybe you’d like smaller photos to give to your mother as a commemorative keepsake of her new granddaughter.